Ruby chocolate bonbons

Tutorial on making ruby chocolate bonbons with various fillings.

Easy and versatile chocolate mousse based on crème anglaise

A rich and versatile recipe for chocolate mousse. My go-to recipe. Can be used for entremets, filling molds or on its own.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Crème

Vegan experiment: A dark chocolate crème mimicking the richness of an egg-based dessert.

Sous vide flank steak / bavette

Flank steak, when prepared correctly, is one of my favorite types of beef. It has a great trade off between being not to expensive (in comparison to cuts such as tenderloin) while having lots of flavor.

Darjeeling, bergamot & lavender bonbons

Dark Callebaut chocolate (54%) bonbons, filled with a milk chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey darjeeling tea and lavender