Blueberry cheesecake ice cream (Sous vide)

Rich ice cream with a fresh tangy blueberry swirl. Using a dehydrator we can add an extra dimension to the blueberry swirl.

Dark chocolate ice cream using cocoa mass

The key to rich and dark chocolate ice cream is replacing chocolate with pure cocoa mass.

Sous vide ice cream base: a foolproof method

The ice cream base is the most important part of ice making, but can be difficult to get right. Heating the base sous vide helps to reduce errors.

Sous vide flank steak / bavette

Flank steak, when prepared correctly, is one of my favorite types of beef. It has a great trade off between being not to expensive (in comparison to cuts such as tenderloin) while having lots of flavor.

Building a Sous Vide temperature monitor (Part 1, Hardware)

Part one of my custom built external water bath monitor for sous vide. Running on a Spark Core and using DS18B20 temperature sensors for measurements.