Some time a go I started a personal quest: finding the perfect chocolate mousse. While I haven’t found the perfect recipe yet, I’ve decided to document my (numerous) attempts as part of a series. While many of you will know the traditional way of making chocolate mousse (cream, chocolate, egg whites), this series will focus primarily on new or different methods.

We’ll start of with a recipe that is simple and fast, doesn’t require eggs and is fun to serve!

Tip: Interested in another chocolate recipe? I also have a recipe for mousse based on crème anglaise which can be used for filling molds and entremets.


  • 200 g dark or milk chocolate
  • 200 ml heavy cream
  • 100 ml milk
  • 10-30 g powdered sugar (by taste)
  • Vanilla pod or extract
  • Amaretto (optional) {: .ingredient-list}

Required materials

  • Whipping siphon (0.5L / 1L). I use a siphon from iSi, the Gourmet Whip but other brands will also do fine.
  • Cream chargers (1 for 0.5L, 2 for 1L), like the ones from iSi. Make sure to get the cream chargers, the CO2 chargers won’t work. {: .material-list}

Time to make

10 minutes active time, 1 to 3 hours waiting.


Step 1: Combine

Combine the heavy cream, the milk and powered sugar. Sugar is by taste, personally I prefer a darker mousse. Add some vanilla extract or seeds from a pod. If you are like my and love the Amaretto-chocolate flavour you can add some Amaretto liquor.

Melt the chocolate using any method (you don’t have to keep the chocolate in temper). Add to the cream mixture and mix until fully combined.

Step 2: Charge

Add the mixture to your whipping siphon. Make sure that the mixture doesn’t contain any lumps, this can clog up your siphon. To be sure, use a sieve. Check the maximum fill line of your siphon, don’t exceed this!

Ensure that your siphon is correctly sealed, make sure you add a tip. Add cream chargers: 1 for a 0.5L siphon, 2 for a 1.0L version. Shake, almost like your life depends on it!

Put the siphon in the fridge and let it cool for 1 to 3 hours (depending on the original temperature and the temperature of your fridge).

Step 3: Serve

Remove from the fridge before serving. Test the consistency of the mousse. If nothing comes out, let the siphon warm up a little bit.

Eat directly, as the mousse doesn’t contain any gelatin it will collapse quickly. You’re end result will look something like this:

Chocolate mousse, with amaretto and vanilla flavour.

Chocolate mousse, with amaretto and vanilla flavour.

Tip: If you have any guests that are not familiar with a siphon, let them serve their dessert! Who doesn’t get excited from instant chocolate mousse?