AI for diagnosis of prostate cancer: the PANDA challenge

Artificial intelligence (AI) for prostate cancer analysis is ready for clinical implementation, shows a global programming competition, the PANDA challenge.

Automatic dark mode for Home Assistant

Quick tutorial on setting up an automatic dark mode for Home Assistant.

Local face recognition for Home Assistant using TensorFlow.js, Part 2: Learning to recognize faces

Second post of my series on face recognition for presence detection in Home Assistant. In this post, I create a face recognition system.

Local presence detection using face recognition and TensorFlow.js for Home Assistant, Part 1: Detection

Face recognition can be a cool addition to a smart home but has potential severe privacy issues. In this post, I start building on a completely local alternative to cloud-based solutions. This first part focusses on face detection.

Improve prostate cancer diagnosis: participate in the PANDA Gleason grading challenge

Can you build a deep learning model that can accurately grade protate biopsies? Participate in the PANDA challenge